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In the loving memory of U.T. Naseema and U.T. Fareed. The unit of U.T. Naseema Fareed memorial Education Trust was established in 2004 under the leadership of Mr. U.T. Zulfikar Ali with a loving memory of his parents U.T. Naseema and U.T. Fareed, with an aim of providing the top quality education in the field of Optometry. Since inception, the institute has maintained high academic standards and have achieved in providing trained manpower to the Optometry. With modest strength of students pursuing the course, the institution has grown progressively. Our objectives of providing a quality education have been possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of NASEEMA Group of Institution.

Chairman’s Message

    U.T. Zulfikar Ali

    Dear Students,

    Naseema Institute of Optometry and Research was formed with the concept that, if a sizeable volume of qualified Optometrists were produced, it would take care of many routine visual problems leaving room for ophthalmologists to handle more complicated surgical and curative problems.

    Historically Optometrists deliver care consisting of prescribing glasses, contact lenses and Low Vision Devices. Besides, the traditional services, the scope of Optometric practice today has evolved into specialization of Electro Physiology, Pediatrics’ , Geriatrics, Learning Disabilities, Environmental Vision and Sports Vision. As Optometric knowledge continues to broaden, the need for Optometry education is continually enhanced. For students interested in research, areas of advanced study include Physiologic Optics, Visual Psychophysics and Community Optometry.

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